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Monday, 20th August 2018:What you recall to mind has power to make you either hopeful or hopeless!

Scripture Reading: Lam 3:21
This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope.

Reflections: The writer of the book of Lamentations writes about the plight of Israel but does so in the first person language. In this wise, though he is seen talking about himself he is actually referring to Israel. With this literary style, he speaks about himself captured in a besieged city, without anyone to hear his prayers, and as a target for the arrows of the enemy (3:7–8, 12). As he goes on and on describing his afflictions, he pauses and recalls the mercies and compassion of the Lord to mind (3:21-23). This immediately springs up hope in him and causes him to believe God for a turn around. It is clear that what you recall to mind during your moment of crisis has power to either stir up hope in you or break you down . Like the writer of Lamentations, make sure that the things you recall to mind in life are those that will stir up hope in you and launch you into the realm of faith.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me recall to mind things that will inspire me unto good works.

Confession: I do not permit my mind to recall negativities.

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