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Monday, 1st November 2021: No one promise of God is empty of power!

Scripture Reading: Luke 1:37
For with God nothing shall be impossible.

Reflections: It sounded strange when the angel informed her that without the involvement of a man, she was going to give birth to a baby boy who will save the world. Mary, therefore, demanded an explanation. The angel referred her to the case of Elizabeth, a cousin of hers. Elizabeth who had been barren and even gone past the reproductive age had encountered a miracle of pregnancy. It was shocking for Mary to hear this. At this point, she had grasped the understanding that God is limitless. The angel makes it more simple for her by saying that ‘with God nothing is impossible’. The Greek translation of this statement implies that no one single word from God is empty of power to see to its manifestation.! Like Mary, once you catch and accept this truth, your confidence to believe God to do what He has told you will automatically be activated. Indeed, no one single promise of God is empty of power!

Prayer: Oh Lord, it is wonderful to note that no one promise of yours is without power.

Confession: Every promise of God for my life cannot fail.

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