Monday, 19th September 2022: Learn to pay attention to the details of every given instruction!

Scripture Reading: Exodus 12:28
And the children of Israel went away and did as the LORD had commanded Moses and Aaron, so did they.

Reflections: God sent Moses to deliver Israel from Egyptian bondage. Egypt remained stubborn and would not let Israel go. To break their hardheadedness, God decided to kill all their firstborn males. For this to happen, Israel was asked by God to prepare and eat a Passover meal. Detailed instructions in the preparation of this meal and how it had to be eaten were provided by God. These directives were conveyed to the entire nation of Israel by Moses. God observed Israel acting by His provided instructions. Israel meticulously followed each order one at a time. They showed that they paid close attention to every little thing. This moved God to fulfil His promise. He killed all the firstborn Egyptian males. Egypt couldn’t withstand this verdict. They immediately freed Israel. Like Israel, your success depends on how well you follow orders. Always pay attention to details.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to pay attention to details.

Confession: I pay attention to details.