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Monday, 14th March 2016: You can remain undisputed as a champion!

Scripture Reading: Joshua 23:8
But cleave unto the LORD your God, as ye have done unto this day.

Reflection: Joshua is now 110 years old. He has lived long enough to see God fulfill his promise of settling the people of Israel in Canaan. As he cast his mind back, he notes how no king or people have been able to withstand Israel. God had always fought their battles and given them victory. All his people needed to do to keep up this record of victorious living was to CLEAVE to God. This constituted the core of his message to Israel before he died. To cleave means ‘to stick fast to’ or to have a strong bonding with’. Joshua therefore wanted his people to understand that sticking fast to God and maintaining a strong bond of relationship with HIM was the sure means to maintain their record as undisputed champions. You have a strong bond with God when his will becomes your will. Indeed when HIS will becomes your will, God takes over every battle of your life. This is what causes you to remain as that undisputed champion in the midst of oppositions.

Prayer: Oh Lord, let your will be my will. Help me to stick to you. Let nothing separate me from your love.


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