Monday, 12th April 2021: Hard work and ethical behavior is critical!

Scripture Reading:Daniel 6:3
Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.

Reflections: Daniel was one of the three chief administrators (Presidents) appointed by King Darius to oversee the 120 regional authorities (Princes) in the kingdom. It was clear that the hand of God was upon him. Interestingly he did not rest on his oars because of this divine factor. He began to work extra hard and proved himself to be trustworthy. He kept responding to his line of duty faithfully and shied away from giving excuses. He also distanced himself from bribery and corruption. This exemplary character and work ethics of Daniel otherwise labeled as an ‘excellent spirit’ in demonstration, proved to be rewarding. The king took note of it and put in the necessary arrangements to appoint him above the two other Princes and over the whole kingdom. It takes both the anointing and demonstration of exemplary character and work ethics for the door of promotion to open. As you thank God for His anointing, step out with an excellent spirit like that of Daniel to secure your place of promotion in life. Beside the anointing, you must be noted as a hardworking and ethically well behaved individual!

Prayer: Dear Lord, beside the anointing, may I be noted as a hardworking and ethically well behaved individual so that I can bring glory to the kingdom as I get promoted in life.

Confession: I am anointed. Despite that, I am hardworking and ethically behaved in life. I don’t miss promotions in life.

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