Friday, 8th January 2021: Let your heart be fixed on the ways of God!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 84:5.  Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee; in whose heart are the ways of them.
Reflections: The Psalmist submits that anyone who derives his strength from God is blessed. Judging from the Hebrew rendition of the word ‘blessed’ we note that the one engaged by divine strength surges forward in life with abilities to overcome resistances. The Psalmist goes further to state that those with divine strength have their hearts fixed on the ways of God. Since the ways of God refers to the desire and the will of God, the understanding we gain from this is that in order to get yourself positioned to function with divine strength and to remain in that position, your life needs to be driven by what God says and not by the flesh. Thus, you create the room for God to keep blessing you with divine strength as you allow decisions you make in life to be driven by His will and desires. Let your heart indeed be fixed on the ways of God!
Prayer: Oh Lord help me fix my heart on your ways!
Confessed. My heart is fixed on the ways of God. I am always blessed with divine strength.

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