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Friday, 3rd September 2021: Endure unjust suffering and leave matters of judgment in the hands of God!

Scriptuere Reading: 1Peter 2:21-23
For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps: Who did no sin, neither was guile found in his mouth: Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously

Refĺections: Peter confirms that being subjected to unjust suffering at one point in time or another by people is unavoidable and that under such circumstances, we should endure without seeking to retaliate. He submits the life of Jesus as an example. He reminds us that even though Jesus never sinned or told a lie, He was subjected to suffering. During this state, He however, chose not to retaliate or issue words of threats to His enemies but to commit the matter to God who judges rightly. Like Jesus, making it your habit to commit any suffering related matter to God should be your option. This invites Him to take over the case and bring in the right judgment on your behalf. Endure unjust suffering and leave matters to God, the judge of all!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me endure unjust suffering and leave matters of judgement in your hands.

Confession: I don’t retaliate. I leave matters of unfair treatment in my life to God, the judge of all.

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