Friday, 28th January 2022: Don’t ask God for what is against His will!

Scripture Reading: Hosea 13:11-12
I gave thee a king in mine anger and took him away in my wrath.

Reflections: Israel initially had no king. God was their ruler, and He governed them through priests and judges. In Samuel’s time, in his old age, the people began to worry about who the next leader would be since his sons, who were judges, did not follow the Lord. They decided to have a kingship system just like the nations surrounding them. They brought this request before the Lord and pressed Him to consent. He then gave them Saul, who became their first king. In Hosea’s prophecy, we understand that God yielded to this appeal in anger. Interestingly, Saul did not last long as King due to mistakes he consciously committed. Hosea further describes his deposal as an act driven by the wrath of God. It is essential to note from this experience of Israel that much as we are free to ask God for our needs, we must be discerning enough to press only for what constitutes His will. Don’t ask God for what is against His will!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me align my prayer requests to your will.

Confession: I align my prayer requests to the divine will.