Friday, 24th November 2017: Keep calm:There will always be a solution!

Scripture Reading: Psalm 105:17
He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold for a servant:

Reflection: Approximately twenty two (22) ahead of Israel was an impending famine they completely had no idea about. It was going to hit both neighboring and distant countries around her. God however knew about it and prepared a solution for them through Joseph. At the age of 17 he was sold as a slave into Egypt by his envious brothers. Approximately 13 years on in Egypt, he interpreted the king’s dream which detailed information on a coming famine and what the king should do to combat the impending crisis. This surprised the king who immediately appointed him as a prime minister. In this position, Joseph strategized agriculturally and made Egypt the center of hope and solution to the world’s famine needs. By age 39, Israel severely hit by the famine, had arrived in Egypt to buy food from him. They had no idea who he was. God had indeed sent him far ahead of time as a solution to their famine needs. Whenever you find yourself in crisis, remember the story of Joseph and get to understand that the solution to that confronting challenge had already been prepared by God. Indeed God puts in place solution mechanisms to our challenges way before they ever emerge. Keep calm. There will always be a solution! You will never lack solutions in life.

Prayer: Dear Lord I thank you that you prepare solutions to address challenges that confront me way before I ever encounter those challenges.

Confession: There is no challenge in my life without the requisite solutions. I don’t lack solutions in life.

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