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Friday, 24th May 2019: You cannot succeed in life without confidence!

Scripture Reading:Act 28:31
Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him.

Reflections:Paul was kept under house arrest for two years in Rome. This did not deter him from proclaiming the gospel. He made his home a meeting place for church service where he taught the gathered crowd with all CONFIDENCE. It is clear that one of the reasons for Paul’s success in ministry is the confidence with which he ministered. Confidence is ‘ the quality of being certain of your own ability to do things well’. You can be intelligent, talented, gifted or skillful and yet lack the confidence in using these to achieve assigned tasks. When this happens it results in either low performance, inaction or missed opportunities. Confidence is believing in yourself (what God has placed within you). It gives no place to fear and timidity. It is what allows you to rise up and reach your potential. Paul was kept a prisoner but his confidence could not be imprisoned. He achieved so much for the kingdom. Like Paul, you need to believe in your own gifts, talents, skills and ability to succeed and rise up to the occasion. You cannot succeed in life without self confidence!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me exhibit confidence in delivering on whatever I am assigned to do.

Confession: I am confident in life. I am certain of my God given abilities and nothing can stop me from confidently exercising these to accomplish set goals.

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