Friday, 24th February 2023: Be resolute, and do not permit your heart to be stolen!

Scripture Reading: Hosea 4:11
Whoredom and wine and new wine take away the heart.

Reflections: In describing the backslidden nature of Israel, the prophet Hosea observes that their hearts had been stolen by whoredom and drink. The heart represents a person’s will or emotional core. To “take the heart away” refers to a person whose heart has been persuaded into doing or believing anything undesirable. This means that before a person backslides or drifts away from God, their heart will have been captured or lured by something alluring. In the case of Israel, the pleasures of sexual promiscuity and alcohol were utilised to attract and get them away from God. Eve, for example, was lured by how delicious the apple appeared and how wise it could make people (Genesis 3:6). It is, therefore, essential to protect your heart from anything that could be used to deceive you. Be resolute, and do not permit your heart to be stolen!

Prayer: Dear Lord, please guide me in protecting my heart against attractive forces, so I do not stray from the faith.

Confession: My heart will not be seduced. I hold on firmly to the word of God.