Friday, 19th October 2018:Your ‘desert’ has value!

Scripture Reading:Luk 1:80
And the child grew, and waxed strong in spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his shewing unto Israel.

Reflections: John was not born in a desert. Yet as he grew up, he was led by the Spirit of God to relocate to the desert where he remained until the manifestation of his destiny as a prophet. The desert represents a place of obscurity and difficulty in life and it appears as if it offers nothing good but the story of John debunks that. While in the desert, John had the opportunity to wax strong in the spirit (build up his inner man and mature in character). This helped him to fulfill his call. There will always be a ‘desert’ period for every destined child. Joseph for instance became a slave and a prisoner before becoming a statesman. Even though his ‘desert’ days as a slave and prisoner was unpleasant, he nonetheless acquired leadership, administrative and management skills needed for his calling. The ‘desert’ experience is not forever but necessary for moving you into a stage of maturity. Like John, learn to remain in your prescribed desert until your showing forth!

Prayer: Oh Lord, help me to remain in any destiny prescribed desert until my showing forth.

Confession: I am moved into maturity by any Spirit led desert experience in my life.

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