Friday, 19th May 2023: You can have foes masquerading as friends!

Scripture Reading: Acts 13:13 Then the deputy, when he saw what was done, believed, being astonished at the doctrine of the Lord.

Reflections: Sergius Paulus served as the Roman governor of the city of Paphos. He had a companion named Bar-Jesus, a false prophet who used sorcery to fuel his prophetic ministry. One day, Sergius Paulus heard of the ministry of Paul and Barnabas and sought to hear them preach. They consented and were eager to bring Sergius Paulus to the truth of God’s word. However, Bar-Jesus interfered and urged the governor through his demonic power not to pay attention to them. To address this, Paul openly confronted him through the power of the Holy Spirit, causing him to lose his eyesight for a time. Stunned by this move of God, Sergius Paulus opened up and gave his life to God. There may be Bar-Jesus-like individuals in your life who do not want you to encounter God’s glory or the truth. Such associates may appear to be helpful and useful to you on the surface, but inwardly, they engage in demonic practices with the mission to keep you from encountering the glory of God. They are foes masquerading as friends! Like Sergius Paulus, God will intervene and shatter their demonic siege on your life.
Prayer: Dear Lord, let your power disengage any evil influence imposed on my life by foes masquerading as friends.
Confession: Let any adverse influence exercised over my life by foes masquerading as friends be neutralized.