Friday, 18th may 2018:People must take delight in you!

Scripture Reading: Mar 2:5
When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.

Reflections: The four men heard Jesus was in the neighborhood preaching. They were determined to help the paralytic get to Jesus for healing. They therefore carried him all the way to Jesus. When they arrived, they discovered that the house was so jam packed that there was no way they could access Jesus through the entrance. This did not deter them. They will not give up on the paralytic. They looked out for another avenue to enter the house. The roof seemed the only way. They climbed it up and took off part of it to create a hole. They then let the paralytic down through that hole to the feet of Jesus. The paralytic owed it all to these 4 men as he received his healing from Jesus. His destiny change was orchestrated by these men who chose not to give up on him. The men certainly had taken delight in him otherwise they would have given up on him. Until people take delight in you, they will not go all out to help you.

Prayer: Oh Lord make me a delightsome personality. Let my helpers take delight in me such that they will rise up to the occasion of bringing me every needed support.

Confession: I am a delightsome personality. My helpers take pleasure in me. They will not give up on me until they have accomplished their divine duties concerning my life.

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