Friday, 17th June 2016: Beware of those who use familiar spirits, even in the church!

Scripture Reading: Lev. 19:31:
Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them: I am the LORD your God.


Reflection: We are warned by God not to involve ourselves with the operations of familiar spirits. A christian is led by the Holy Spirit and not a familiar spirit. Once you submit yourself to the services of someone who uses a familiar spirit, you violate the word of God and end up defiling yourself. A familiar spirit is a demon that serves or prompts an individual. It enables that individual to know something about others. Magicians, wizards, witches, Sorcerers, or necormancers, all use familiar spirits. In most cases they call up the spirit of the dead to answer questions. Meanwhile the spirit of the dead in question is actually the familiar spirit and not the dead person as people are made to believe. Do you associate yourselves with pastors or fellow christians who claim to speak to the dead and give you answers? They certainly have familiar spirits and not the Holy Spirit. The use of familiar spirits by people in the church is on the increase. The devil has indeed infiltrated the church. Watch out lest you contaminate yourself. Ask God to open your eyes to see clearly. Beware of those who use familiar spirits, even in the church!

Prayer: Oh Lord keep me away from people who are agents of familiar spirits. Open my eyes to see who they are.

Confession: I will have nothing to do with the services of a familiar spirit. The Holy Spirit remains my guide and my source of information.


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