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Friday, 15th May 2020: Don’t ever give up on your prophetic word!

Scripture Reading: Act 7:17-19 But when the time of the promise drew nigh, which God had sworn to Abraham, the people grew and multiplied in Egypt, till another king arose, which knew not Joseph. The same dealt subtilly with our kindred, and evil entreated our fathers, so that they cast out their young children, to the end they might not live.

Reflections:  God told Abraham that his descendants will serve as slaves in a foreign land for four hundred years and that at the end of that period, they will leave with many possessions (Genesis 15:13-15). The story of Joseph, how he rose up to prominence in Egypt after he was sold as a slave by his brothers and how he got his entire family to join him there marked the beginning of this prophecy. Life in Egypt proved to be full of bliss for the Jews for many years until a new Egyptian king who disliked them ascended the throne. He made living so harsh and unbearable for them. Interestingly this era of brutalities happened to be the 400th year of their stay in Egypt, their very prophetic year of freedom. The increased wickedness of the Egyptians could not stop the prophetic word from coming to pass. Moses came to the scene and orchestrated the final release of the Jews with great substance. Like the Jews, the dawn of a prophetic breakthrough can be interspersed with increased struggles but note that it cannot stop the prophetic word from coming to pass. God will be faithful to His word. He will send a ‘Moses’ your way. Just hold on!

Prayer: Dear Lord, I thank you that no matter what, your prophetic word concerning my life shall come to pass.

Confession: Nothing can stop the manifestation of my prophetic word. My ‘Moses’ is coming!

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